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There’s a Science to Winning

Why Leave it to Chance?

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SuMo accelerates performance in two ways

Motivate Sales

SuMo Motivate

  • Deliver real-time guided selling and targeted sales coaching
  • Improve forecast accuracy with SuMo Predict
  • Optimise your sales process based on the behaviours of top performers

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Motivate Sales

SuMo Inspire

  • Interactive leaderboards that motivate an instant boost in performance
  • Display any Salesforce data making performance transparent
  • 100% native on with pre-built Sales & Service display channels
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SuMo is built 100% on the Salesforce platform

Being built natively on Salesforce is incredibly important and here’s why!

  • SuMo is secure & private, ensuring that no data ever leaves your instance of Salesforce
  • Being native, SuMo is easy to get up & running, allowing you to motivate success, faster
  • SuMo works seamlessly with Salesforce making it easy to use and fast to configure
  • SuMo works instantly with any custom objects or fields you have added to Salesforce

SuMo Motivate – Coach, Predict & Optimise

Your team’s performance like you’ve never seen it before

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SuMo Inspire – Bring success centre stage

SuMo Inspire broadcasts your Salesforce data onto TV displays as KPI driven leaderboards. SuMo Inspire will engage your team and create an increase in your sales & customer service performance. Featuring sounds, animations and news broadcast features, SuMo Inspire offers your users transparency into performance and motivates them to excel by tapping into their competitive nature.

100% native to, SuMo Inspire is fast to get started and easy to configure. Delivered with pre-built channels covering typical sales and customer service KPIs, our interactive display boards will bring your team’s success to centre stage.

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Our prices

Motivating your team shouldn’t cost the moon

Get SuMo for the fraction of a Salesforce license and start seeing productivity gains today

SuMo Motivate

$40per user per month
  • Monitor sales & service KPI health
  • Uncover winning habits of top performers
  • Deliver intelligent coaching
  • Motivate with rich game mechanics
  • 100% native on

SuMo Inspire

$1600per TV per year
  • Display ANY Salesforce data as a leaderboard
  • Real-time data refresh
  • Interactive cheers, taunts & comparisons
  • Configurable sounds
  • 100% native on

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