What can SuMo do for you?

increase sales performance
deliver service excellence

Increase Sales Performance

  • Coach. Maximise the potential of your team with guided selling & targeted sales coaching

  • Predict. Boost forecast accuracy with automatic deal predictions based on behavioural insight

  • Optimise. Fine tune your sales process based on winning behaviours exhibited by top performers

Improve Customer Service

  • Coach. Streamline the customer journey by coaching best practice agent behaviours

  • Tune. Uncover the path taken by your most successful customer service agents
  • Accelerate. Monitor & drive the KPIs that span your customer service journey

SuMo accelerates success across the core middle ground of your team.

We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your team’s performance.

How does SuMo do it?

Real-Time Coaching

KPI Health & Prediction

Performance Tuning

SuMo deploys intelligent coaching prompts that motivate users to undertake the high value sales behaviours that accelerate success.

SuMo tracks the health of your process KPIs. Delivered with a powerful AI engine, SuMo predicts outcomes, such as deal closure.

SuMo tracks the habits exhibited by your top performers. Armed with this insight, you can rapidly uncover & tune your “Winning Way”!

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Joe Francis - Qlik - Increased sales performance across 14 sales metrics
It just makes working here fun. And that’s what we want people to experience when they’re here; work harder, enjoy their work and hopefully help them be successful in the long term.
Joe Francis, VP Global Operations & Strategy, Qlik
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Increase in Sales Pipeline
Increase in Sales Performance
Increase in Activity Completion

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