What can SuMo do for you?

Accelerate Sales Performance

  • Monitor the health of your sales process KPIs to ensure your vital signs remain strong

  • Discover the path to success navigated by your top performing sales reps

  • Increase sales by motivating more of the winning behaviours based on the insight gained

Deliver Service Excellence

  • Learn the behavioural habits of your most effective customer service agents

  • Coach every agent to deliver service excellence with every customer touch point

  • Accelerate the achievement of your service led KPIs using game mechanics

SuMo accelerates success across the core middle ground of your team.

We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your team’s performance.

How does SuMo do it?

Monitors Your Vital Signs

Discovers Your Winning Way

Delivers Intelligent Coaching

SuMo monitors and provides detailed insight into the health of your Sales & Customer Service KPIs, right across your end-to-end process, making sure everything stays on track and your vital signs remain strong.


SuMo tracks the habits exhibited by your top performers. Using this insight, you can rapidly identify the innovation they bring to your sales or service process. This is what we like to call uncovering “The Winning Way”!

Based on the insight gained from monitoring your vital signs and from uncovering your “winning way”, SuMo deploys intelligent coaching prompts that motivate more high value, winning behaviours across your team.


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It just makes working here fun. And that’s what we want people to experience when they’re here; work harder, enjoy their work and hopefully help them be successful in the long term.
Joe Francis, VP Global Operations & Strategy, Qlik
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Increase in Sales Pipeline
Increase in Sales Performance
Increase in Activity Completion

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